It was at a jobs fair in London, in 2002, where I came across the MI6 recruiters. From time to time at such events I would challenge corporate outfits. Once it was British American Tobacco. Another time it was the Australian Secret Intelligence Service — I brought up that curious fire on the top floor of the old DFAT building just before they relocated. So many files must have been destroyed….

Anyhow, on this occasion the topic I raised was 9/11 and MI6’s foreknowledge. I don’t remember much of the response, just the matronising smile.

But I do remember seeing their motto displayed — To see the World as it truly is.

In order to understand the World, we must see it the way The Powers That Be see it.

But world-view isn’t the what they tell the rest of us they see. You need to be your own intelligence agency.

And pretty soon, you must take on another government function for your benefit and maybe even for your survival. You must be your own central bank, with gold reserves to match.

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