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Fascinating line of enquiry: The illegal third well at Deepwater Horizon

Via comes this fascinating allegation from That BP and the US Government are concealing the existence of a third well at Deepwater Horizon – the true source of the uncontainable oil leak.

Macondo well never capped, oil still gushing from secret 3rd well: New evidence presented

New evidence presented to officials and Deborah Dupré on Friday revealing extraordinary secrets kept under cover by government officials involved with the Gulf environmental and humanitarian catastrophe could change direction of the BP trial and a cause public frenzy when the public learns that the well was not capped; oil never stopped gushing; and the source of that oil is a secret third Macondo well.

Only three days before the nation’s New evidence presented to Deborah Dupré Friday morning clearly indicates:

  • The unmentioned existence of a 3rd Macondo well (the real source of the explosion, oil spill and Deepwater Horizon sinking)
  • The current condition of this 3rd Macondo well being such that it can never be capped.
  • The compromised seabed floor condition being such that there are multiple unnatural sources of gushers continuing to pour into the gulf.
  • The highly publicized capped well, (Well A) never hit pay dirt and was abandoned. Hence, it was never source of the millions of gallons released into the Gulf.

(See documentation here, here, here, and here.)

The documentation supports investigations by New Orleans-based environmental attorney Stuart Smith, he told Dupré in an overseas telephone conversation Friday morning.

“The government has never denied that oil identified over a year after the well was “capped,” was from the Macondo formation,” Mr. Smith said Friday.

Paul Orr and his team from Lower Mississippi Riverkeeper collected oil, and lab-certified tests results established a fingerprint match to BP’s Macondo. Mr. Smith had reported:

“The most alarming part of the finding was not simply that the Breton Island sample had BP’s fingerprint on it, but that test results were nearly identical to those from the fresh oil seen early days of the BP spill – instead of the heavily weathered and degraded oil we’ve come to expect in recent weeks and months.

Those test results disproved the other theory about “fresh oil” reports: “All the oil BP strategically sunk to the seafloor with nearly 2 million gallons of toxic dispersant is beginning to break free and rise to the surface en masse, and in turn, blacken the coastline with fresh oil,” Smith had reported.

Mobile Press Register reporter went into the Gulf, collected an oil sample, and took it to Louisiana State University analyst that said “it was a perfect match” to BP oil.

In an August 2011 email to the Mobile Press-Register, LSU chemist and NOAA contractor Ed Overton, wrote: “After examining the data, I think it’s a dead ringer for the MC252 [Macondo Well] oil, as good a match as I’ve seen.”

Mr Smith then reported, “Confronted with an overwhelming body of evidence – scientific data, photos and video of oil in the water and credible reports of the “stench of oil” at the site – BP and the U.S. Coast Guard continue to deny not only that the Macondo Well is leaking.”
“Nobody’s explained where that oil is coming from, a natural seep or anything, or why we’re finding fresh oil,” Mr. Smith said today.
On August 17, Mr. Smith blew the whistle that oil was still gushing into the Gulf from the Macondo formation, concurring with the late Matt Simmons’ reports.
After reporting that plus that the well “cap” was a sham, and that it could not be capped except maybe with a nuclear blast, Simmons (67) died of a heart attack while relaxing in his hot tub on August 11, 2010.
‘Everybody knows’
“I have just sent the attached briefing package to the Attorney Generals of Alabama and Louisiana which presents evidence we believe has never seen the light of day concerning the how and why of the Deepwater Horizon Disaster and subsequent gushing oil in the Gulf,” Susan Aarde told Dupré in a private email Friday morning.
Gulf Rescue Alliance is an association of concerned scientists, citizens, professionals, and officials, not equipped with resources or manpower to further explore and investigate. It has, therefore, compiled some select evidence for distribution, hoping people will not confuse ‘conspiracy theory’ with conspiracy facts.

“We have spent months pouring over the information to ensure its integrity to the best of our ability,” Aarde told the Examiner Friday.

A handful of experts and investigators outside the oil industry’s payroll and government ‘oversight’ have been methodically sifting through mammoth quantities of data for the past four months.

“Their work answers a number of questions,” she said.

Some of those questions include:

  • WHY did BP officials testify to Congress that there was only one well when there were three?
  • Why was the 3rd well illegally drilled without a permit?
  • Was the rogue well factually sealed in September? (Since all casing was blown out of the rogue well and there is nothing for any mechanical instrument to connect on to, there is no possibility of capping the well; which means that huge volumes of oil are continuing to flow into the Gulf unabated and would answer the question of where all the on-going fresh oil that is being seen and reported by fishermen and locals is coming from.)
  • Which well was the Deepwater Horizon actually hooked up to when the blow out took place on 20 April 2010?

Gulf Rescue Alliance believes timing on the distribution of this material could be beneficial in ensuring that the disaster litigation does, in fact, reach trial stage.

The organization says the public has a right to know that the never capped well is still pouring into the Gulf of Mexico and needs to demand something be done.

“At best this material will be admitted as evidence – or at least utilized to formulate investigative questions and discovery processes during the trial,” Aarde said.

Aarde asserted that the Gulf Rescue Alliance has no interest in publicity for itself, pointing fingers, finding who to blame or anything else.

“We are interested in
catalyzing action on an urgent basis to save the Gulf from long-term disastrous impact by getting actual solutions being applied; solutions that have been endlessly blocked by, primarily, the EPA.

“We hold the EPA intimately responsible for holding in place the destructive response methods used in this disaster.

“The Gulf and the life it supports can’t wait 3, 6 or 12 months for a trial to bring a resolution; nor will a real resolution be possible if no admission occurs of the currently uncapped well. Justice will mean nothing if the Gulf is dead.

“This is absolutely relevant to the case at hand and vital information to get into the hands of the AG of LA and anyone else involved in this trial,” she said.

According to the new evicence, government officials possibly knew about the 3rd Well but aided in covering it up.

Aarde said this is similar to the recent PEER report hiding that top Obama officials manipulated scientific analyses by independent experts to seriously lowball amount of oil leaking from the BP Deepwater Horizon.

After the Macondo operation began, BP quickly paid for research reports by supplying grant funding: $10M to University Of South Florida; $10m to Mississippi State University, $10m to Louisiana State University, and $5m to Alabama Marine Sciences.

“There is no way BP would not know they were misleading everyone,” Matt Simmons had said. “They would have to be deaf, dumb, and blind and they’re not. These are smart guys.”

About the “capping of the well,” Simmons repeated, “What you are seeing on television, what BP is saying about relief wells . . . that’s a total ruse.”

The real blowout, according to the Gulf whistleblower and advocate, is “an open hole gushing 120,000 barrels of toxic crude every day below the surface of the Gulf six or seven miles away from the riser – and BP is ignoring it”

Simmons told MSNBC’s Dylan Ratigan that BP was “lying” because if it acknowledged the truth, they’d “go to jail.”
As Leonard Cohen famously sings, “Everybody knows.”
“Everybody knows the fight was fixed. The poor stay poor, the rich get rich. Thats how it goes. Everybody knows.”

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