The best laid plans of Big Pharma

You’ve heard the conspiracy theories. Bill Gates and his billionaire friends want to kill us all – so they can take the world population down to, say, half a billion. And they want to do it with vaccines so the story goes. Gates really did say

The world today has 6.8 billion people. That’s  headed up to about nine billion. Now, if we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive health services, we could lower that by, perhaps, 10 or 15 percent.

But here’s the thing. If they really do want to kill almost everyone with vaccines then wouldn’t they be killing the very people who trust the vaccines? What about the vaccine refuseniks? What about the rest of the planet – Russia, China, Africa? Wouldn’t they just take over from the silly Western “sheeple” who got conned?

It doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. But one thing the vaccine skeptics have latched on to that has good basis in fact, is that the COVID-19 vaccines, on the whole, are not fantastically effective and safe. This is becoming undeniable.

The effectiveness is clearly waning in places with high vaccination rates where swaths of “breakthrough” cases are reported daily. It is all rather depressing.

So the various COVID-19 vaccines are not as effective as time passes or against new strains of COVID-19. But at least they are safe, surely? We’ve all seen tragic reports of deaths and horrible injuries coincidental with vaccination. But aren’t those just that, coincidences? Or only super rare? And the benefits totally outweigh the risks, you’d assume.

So that brings us to the story of Dr Charles Hoffe, a Canadian doctor. He noticed problems, coincidences you might call them, with patients of his who’d been recently vaccinated against COVID-19. So he followed it up. He did testing. Specifically a blood test for clotting happening anywhere in the body. And what he found was utterly shocking. Fully 62% of the people who had the test done days after vaccination had signs of significant blood clots. It is worth emphasising here that there is no such thing as a “good” blood clot. It means there has been an injury somewhere in the circulatory system and vaccines simply should not do this. Here is Dr Hoffe explaining his theory to some other doctors. It is worth watching the whole video.

Dr Hoffe’s theory is that the COVID-19 spike proteins generated by the genetic instructions in various vaccines essentially flow all around the body and cause damage to the smallest blood vessels in the body. The details of this process are disputed. However scans he had done show that in some cases lung tissue had been permanently damaged in such a way that blood can no longer flow properly. In these cases, high blood pressure results. But it is not easily detected, because it is limited to the short artery between the right side of the heart and the lungs. And in these cases, death can be projected to occur within 3 years.

Regardless of the location of the damage caused by spike proteins in the body, it is typically permanent. The symptoms and diseases that could arise are many and varied – from “brain fog”, to long term heart disease, to immediately apparent and extremely painful conditions such as myocarditis and pericarditis – conditions which the US CDC acknowledges are a risk for young people, young men in particular.

It was very predictable that something like this would happen, because the new vaccines are the result of an extremely accelerated development process.

No normal vaccine is developed, tested and given to the general public in this timeframe, in less than a year. It is unprecedented in modern times and could only be rationalised due to the dire threat of COVID-19. The consequences of this haste are going to be devastating for the medical profession as a whole for decades to come.

So another conspiracy theory bites the dust, surely. If the plan is to use medical fascism to take over our lives, track and trace us, implant goodness knows what in us – why would The Powers That Be destroy our faith in the very institutions we are supposed to blindly trust. It doesn’t make sense at all.

The saying often goes “It’s a cock-up not a conspiracy”. There is a strong case for that here.

But what if it is both a conspiracy and a cock-up? A conspiracy that became a cock-up. One of the greatest cock-ups in history, if not the greatest. Let me explain why it looks that way.

We know that the medical establishment is quite frankly allergic to talk of anti-virals to combat COVID-19. Specifically ivermectin. I’m not going to re-argue the case for it here. That is a bit beside the point. The main point is that despite the excellent peer-reviewed evidence for ivermectin’s effectiveness, it has been ignored. Discussion is often banned and simply taboo.

So let’s go back to where the ivermectin story starts. It started with an announcement by Monash University in Melbourne, Australia that, in a lab setting, ivermectin was remarkably effective at stopping COVID-19 dead in its tracks.

Note the date: April 3, 2020. So let’s speculate. What happened when the Big Pharma executives got wind of this? They are planning on selling billions of dollars worth of vaccines to combat COVID-19. They have committed untold resources to the fundamental research into mRNA and viral vector technology. These are sunk costs. And the profit potential is huge.

And here we have an unpatentable cheap drug which is easily available, right now. The vaccines take years to develop. Ivermectin could beat them all to the punch. Even a moderately accelerated timeline wouldn’t suffice. It had to be quick, quicker than any research into ivermectin in a clinical setting. Otherwise it could make their super-duper vaccine tech redundant overnight.

So what to do? Launch an all-out campaign to get vaccines out there first, that’s what. Rush development, skip animal trials, whatever. Just get it done. And so it was that Operation Warp Speed was first revealed to the public on April 29, 2020. That is 23 days after the Monash discovery was announced. Big Pharma then saturated the media with talk of vaccines – no need to look anywhere else for a solution. Ivermectin’s forerunner, hydroxychloroquine, got “special treatment” once it became too dangerous to ignore.

In their haste, the expert vaccinologists probably figured, “it’s just a harmless spike protein, right? Let’s inject that into the arms of millions of people. What could possibly go wrong?” Were they aware of the probability it was genetically engineered in a lab in Wuhan to be as dangerous as possible? Maybe Dr Fauci just forgot to tell them – the email-trail strongly suggests he knew.

So there you have it. A conspiracy to foist untested vaccines on millions in place of a drug with nearly 40 years worth of safety data – ivermectin. And the greatest mistake in medical history, born of a technocratic elite totally convinced they could blithely cut corners in vaccine development. They bet wrong. Millions will suffer poor health and premature death as a result.

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