Former Kremlin advisor: America needs a big war because it faces default in 2 years

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation has put to air the unspeakable opposing worldview from a former advisor to the Kremlin:

Now, if you look at the G7 countries, they are all insolvent. They are all bankrupt. Their total debt is about $30 trillion and growing. And of course we understand that when countries are in a desperate economic situation and they don’t really know what to do with it, they try to stage all sorts of spectacular foreign policy stunts, which we are witnessing now.

Now America is facing default in two years time, and America is very aggressive across the world and in Europe as well. Now, the cynics in Russia are saying that America needs a big war. I think that the best possible way to solve this situation is for everyone to take a step back, because all this rhetoric does not help, all this aggressive rhetoric does not help anyone.

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