Crisis brewing for Malaysian establishment

This MH370 incident has exposed a number of glaring problems with Malaysian authorities in a public and undeniable manner:

  • The national carrier doesn’t check for stolen passports and the country is a hub for illegal migration.
  • The air safety regulations aren’t enforced such that pilots flagrantly smoke and entertain passengers in the cockpit.
  • The Malaysian air force sheepishly admits that an aircraft flew back across their airspace in radio silence and no-one even noticed until days later.
  • Air crash investigators go public with half-baked information and blatantly doctored evidence. Observe how the printed out images held up at the Malaysian investigators’ press conference clearly share the same legs! The left image uses the legs of the right image. Image downloaded from Daily Mail
    The photoshopped photos could be something of a cultural misunderstanding, in that a photo-fit is not meant to be photo-realistic, but the impression is they take the media and public for idiots in this very serious matter.

If the defamation laws are anything like Indonesia and Singapore, Malaysians are criminally liable if they draw attention to any of this.

In one of those amazing coincidences, the establishment’s Western-oriented nemesis Anwar Ibrahim was re-incarcerated for sodomy only hours before this aircraft went missing.

All this adds up to a regime overdue for some colour revolution-style “reformasi”.

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