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Apple could blow up the gold market

Could this be the very definition of irony: Apple reportedly plans to make millions of gold watches and sell them for $10,000 each. Apple has hundreds of billions of dollars in cash. There are hundreds of tonnes of gold sitting around in bank vaults just waiting for a buyer. So, no problem, right?

BIG problem! Gold stockpiles are a mirage of paper claims and derivatives. The gold isn’t there. Central banks go to extraordinary lengths behind the scenes to maintain the facade of an orderly gold market.

So Apple is about to stroll into the gold market, with billions of cash, and expect to actually get the gold they need at current prices. Ain’t gonna happen. It would be hilarious if Apple accidently blows up the gold market, and with it, the world financial system.

Don’t be surprised if the CIA/ESF is hatching a plot to disrupt the Apple Watch right now, either in terms of popularity, or its manufacturing process.

On the other hand, Apple’s gold buying frenzy may suffice as a half-plausible explanation for why the gold price goes to US$5000 in a matter of weeks. Oh no, nothing to do with a currency war or unsustainable money-printing.